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About the programme

Disha is a four-year partnership between the India Development Foundation (IDF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supported by the IKEA Foundation. The project has three main aims. First, to reach out to one million under privileged and vulnerable girls/women and enable them to plan and participate in income generating opportunities through three verticals, which are (a) to the train the women for different kinds of jobs and get them placed (b)to give entrepreneurial training and facilitate them to start their own business (self-employment) and enterprises (c) to give them information about the opportunities available in the market in the field of education, job and enterprise; second, to create and test new models of public private partnership (PPP), which can be more effective than existing models; third, to create a sustainable eco-system for skilling of girls/women.

The project is implemented in collaboration with Government (Ministries and Departments), industries and associations; and CSOs/NGOs and other institutions, across the five implementing States of NCR Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana. The project engages with partners, who are identified through due diligence process that evaluates their potential to leverage the existing Government programmes/schemes and existing platforms to meet the requirements and targets of the Disha project

In order to achieve the aims, the ‘project’ allows the implementing partner, UNDP to experiment with different ideas in collaboration with various stakeholders (governments, private companies and CSOs) by designing and implementing ‘pilots’ to find some evidence based scalable ‘models’.

IDF is the concurrent monitoring and evaluation (M&E) partner in the project. Information gathered from the field and the knowledge derived from the analysis of the data will be used to inform decision making in the project, through this system. This is different from a standard monitoring and evaluation (M&E) set up which plays the role of a third party audit. IDF’s role in the project is not only to carry out the concurrent M&E but also to support the project delivery to deliver its goals through research.