About the empanelment

The project Disha aims to skill one million underprivileged women and enable them to become economically independent and self-sufficient so that they, their families and their future generations are able to have better opportunities in life. The project aims to reach out to one million women through three verticals, namely, ‘jobs’, ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘bridging the information gap’. For fulfilment of this aim, we are are looking to work with different stakeholders such as governments, private companies, civil society organizations and NGOs. A private company or an institution or a CSO or an NGO, which wants to explore the avenue of partnership with us in Disha project as an agency for providing training, career guidance and counselling, soft skills, core skilling in any sector or as an assessing and certification body is encouraged and invited.

The private sector is a key player for the attainment of social development. As a partner, the private sector needs to possess:

  • In-depth understanding of development issues and of the local context in developing countries;
  • Convening power that brings together government and other stakeholders;
  • Facilitation role in developing value chains;
  • Expertise and mandate in building capacities of governments, private sector and civil society;
  • Guidance in conducting the business in a sustainable manner.

Similarly, NGOs/CSOs, who have expertise and experience in the following areas, can also be pivotal in achieving the goals of the project:

  • Social mobilization
  • Women and girls
  • Skill development
  • Entrepreneurship development with women and girls
  • Behavior change communication
  • Counselling to women and girls
  • Access to government ministries/ departments/schemes
  • Working knowledge about PPP model
  • Supportive supervision
  • Networking with different stakeholders (at institute level and at community level)

To partner with UNDP, please send e-mail: garima.sharma@undp.org